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Tim Farron elected new Lib Dem Leader


We are delighted to announce that Tim Farron has been elected as Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

In an all-member ballot for the leadership, 56% of members voted with the result revealed this afternoon. 

Tim Farron received 56.5% of the votes and in second place Norman Lamb received the backing of 43.5%.

 Liberal Democrat Party President Sal Brinton said:

“Both Tim and Norman ran distinctively liberal, strong campaigns that spoke to party members across the UK. At numerous hustings and meetings with members, they spoke of their liberal values, the direction they think we should go, and how to best rebuild the party over the coming months and years.

“Tim is a fantastic communicator and his energy, enthusiasm and passion will inspire and drive the Liberal Democrats back to winning ways.”

While Rustington Councillor Jamie Bennett added:

Tim is very passionate and energetic he is a great communicator and is just the leader we need in order to get back to the top of British politics. The next 5 years will be a chance to re build our national credibility and increase the number of councillors and councils again. This year has not been bad locally taking control of Littlehampton Town Council and becoming the largest party on Bognor Regis Town Council and gaining a seat on Arun District Council, Tim is the best person to lead this challenge.

Rustington Parish Council Elects new Chairman & Vice Chairman

At the Annual Council Meeting on Monday 18th May 2015 the new Council meet for the first time since the elections on 7th May and welcomed 4 new councillors and 12 returning councillors. The councils first job was to elect its Chairman and Vice Chairman until May 2016, after a vote Cllr. Mrs. Cooper was elected Chairman and Cllr. Jamie Bennett was elected Vice Chairman commenting on his election as Vice Chairman Cllr Jamie Bennett said ” I feel honoured to be elected Vice Chairman of the council I will continue to work hard to ensure all in Rustington get a fair deal. I look forward to working with Cllr. Mrs Cooper and all our councillors”.

4 Days to go…..

key_heart-and-brain Only 4 days left to ensure that we have a strong Liberal Democrat voice in both Arun District Council and Parliament. For too long Arun has been controlled by the Conservatives, who have treated the council like their toy cutting services and wasting your money, its time for change. Every Liberal Democrat elected onto Arun District Council will work hard all year round to ensure you receive the services you deserve and your money is spent in the correct way. We also only have 4 days to elect as many Lib Dem MP’s to Westminster as possible, over the past 5 years the Liberal Democrats have stopped the Conservatives leaning to the Right CUTTING your services harder than we had to and making the rich richer and the working poor poorer. We have got the country back on the right road but the job is not complete yet. If we get enough MP’s and hold the balance of power again we will ensure the country remains in the centre ground stopping the strong cuts to the right that the Conservatives and UKIP want giving them a HEART and stopping the Left wing parties of Labour and the SNP spending too much and getting the country into debt again giving them a BRAIN. So if you want a stable fair United Kingdom and Arun District then you must vote Liberal Democrat on 7th May.

Rustington Parish Council East Ward Election

Rustington Parish Council have elected its new Councillors for the East Ward in an uncontested election. Cllr. Jamie Bennett has been re elected for a 2nd full term. Commenting on his re election Cllr. Bennett said “Im so honered to be representing the people of Rustington for another 4 years, I will work hard for everyone in Rustington and will ensure the village remains the best place to work and live”.

Here is a list of all the Parish Councillors for East Rustington.


Arun District Council Rustington East Ward

On Thursday 7th May 2015 an election will take place to elect 2 Councillors to represent Rustington East on Arun District Council.The list of persons nominated has been released and you have a choice of 2x Conservatives 2x Liberal Democrats 1 x Labour & 1 x UKIP, currently the ward is held by the Conservatives but this is your chance to make a difference and vote for real change.

Liberal Democrat candidate Jamie Bennett has been an active councillor on Rustington Parish Council since 2009 and for the past 18 months has lead the Think Family Inititive within the East Rustington area and is a key driver to set up a community group in the Georgian Park Community Area.

Here is a full list of the candidiates.


General Election Candidates announced for Rustington

With the General Election less than a month away the offical list of candidates has been anounced with all the main parties represented and once again Hazel Thorpe has been nominated for the Liberal Democtars. Commenting on the list Rustington Liberal Democrat Councillor Cllr Jamie Bennett said “its fantastic news that Hazel is representing the Liberal views of our community once again, Hazel is a srtong local voice and would make an amazing MP for the area”.

The full list of candidates are as follows:


Waitrose moving to Rustington

waitrose-logo-300x68 have announced that they are closing their store in Littlehampton and re locating to the former Co-op store in Rustington boosting the village centre. Commenting on the move Liberal Democrat Councillor for Rustington Cllr. Jamie Bennett said ” I think this is fantastic news for Rustington we have such a lively shopping area an the addition of a supermarket will help make Rustington the best choice for shoppers. We now have a mix of independent and large retailers offering consumers a wide range of choice meaning residents from outside Rustington are more likely to spend their money in the village.” The move will be made later this year with no job losses Waitrose have confirmed that its entire workforce at Littlehampton will be offered the same roles at the new Rustington store.

Allangate Community Group

Do you live in the Allangate area of Rustington?
Do you want to see the local area improve?

Why not come alone to the first ever Allange Community Group meeting on Wednesday 15th October 2014 at Gerogian Gardens School in Guildford Road. Cllr Jamie Bennett in partnership with the Safer Arun Partnership has arranged this meeting in order to get a local community group going, funds have been secured so if you are interested in getting involved why not pop along or email Cllr BENNETT on

Nick Cleggs 2013 Autumn Speech

Today Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg gave his keynote speech to the parties Autumn Conference being held in Glasgow. Nick spoke about his first day as Deputy Prime Minister in the Coalition government saying that no one in Whitehall was expecting what happened.

Nick spoke about all that our party has achieved in the past 3 years including raising the tax threshold to £10,000 and many others.

You can read Nick Clegg’s speech in full on the Lib Dem website


Rustington have once again had a very successful year in the south & southeast in bloom competition winning Gold and also being awarded the overall Town category winner.

Rustington were also successful in the following areas.
Woodlands Recreation Ground won a Gold award and overall category winner in the Parks and Recreation ground completion.

Rustington Methodist Church, Cudlow Gardens & Herne gardens all received outstanding awards in it’s your Neighbourhood Competition.

Worthing Road allotment was awarded best allotment site

Sussex life Award for highest points in Sussex was also awarded to Rustington

And an outstanding result for The Chaucer Memorial who won the 2013 It’s Your Neighbourhood Champion of Champions achievement award.

Commenting on these achievements Liberal Democrat Councillor for Rustington Cllr. Jamie Bennett said “ Rustington just keep performing and achieving these great results. As many of you will be aware last year we reached our summit by winning Gold in the 2012 Entente Florale international competion but the fantastic work buy the Rustington in bloom committee, Ferring Nursery and many others just keeps getting better Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved”.